Wayne’s Testimonial

“Built by Advantage Fitness, forged by Coach Jed. My life had become comfortable and complacent. My health, mindset and overall well-being had become severely compromised over years of inconsistent discipline and lack of drive. Not only has Jed renewed it, he has helped me find a whole new ME. In My 40’s, I now compete regularly in Elite endurance competitions and have even competed in a bodybuilding competition, Classic Physique, placing 3rd! at the Shawn Ray Hawaiin Classic. I never thought I’d ever have that type of confidence but, here it is! All this while working a 10-12 hour career as a police officer in SWAT and being thousands of miles away in Hawaii. Needless to say, it can be done. And coach Jed has shown me the way. Mahalo Jed!”

Wayne's Testimonial