Nashly’s Testimonial

When I started working with Jed, I was overwhelmed with health crisis didn’t know what to do. Couldn’t plan properly anything with Crazy shift work, lots of overtime, designing, building and moving in to my dream home. I was constantly visiting the Doctor or and Hospital to try and manage the pain from the symptoms, Of severe stage 4 endometriosis, severe insulin resistance PCOS, and stage 1 kidney cancer. Working with Jed was the best decision I ever made, not only was my kidney cancer completely reversed. My endometriosis is no more. My PCOS is completely gone, the cyst that once were fist sized are completely gone. Both the Endo and the PCOS were something that I’ve suffered from since I was a teenager. Pain so bad sometimes had to live on pain  medication and couldn’t get out of bed.
I know how to schedule exercise nutrition into my crazy work and even taking college courses.
All of this was possible because you gave me the guidance and foundation to, learn what I needed to eat, plan and strategize, reverse my health issues and live a healthier lifestyle. I love being able to drop body fat, gets stronger, and now  maintaining it. Also being more conscious about my body.
Love you for all your help and showing me anything is possible. I can’t thank you enough Jed.
Mahalo! Nashly