Jon’s Testimonial

I first hired Jed to be my personal trainer when I was 17 years old. I would watch him enter the local Rec Center with different clients all the time, many of whom were in poor shape to start, and I was fascinated with how fast their athleticism suddenly surpassed mine. What was the secret? I had to find out.
Jed is a no-nonsense man, a walking encyclopedia for exercise, and nutrition. It’s hard to describe – at times it felt overwhelming, but in hindsight I can see that Jed brought me through a period of transition from a place I thought impossible, to a place completely possible. I feel as though Jed motivates you to bring out the best version of yourself. I am finding that the drive I have discovered within myself by working with Jed has spilled over into my life.

Many years ago I decided to venture down the road of becoming a personal trainer myself, becoming certified in 2015. In 2020, due to an injury, I reached an all time low for my physical shape, and even the knowledge I had previously acquired was not enough to fix it. I needed a master. Even after 15 years, in all that time of meeting and working with countless trainers of various expertise and experience, none of them compared to Jed Wightman. Re-hiring him was the best decision, as today I’m in better shape than ever, and we’re only getting better. So take it from me, Jed is the trainer that other trainers go to. He’s that good. I am convinced that he is one of the best, if not THE best trainer in Canada.

Jed genuinely cares. I can tell this by his attention to detail with every single check-in, and makes himself available for a telephone consultation whenever you need it. If you decide to become a part of Advantage Fitness, my advice is to be consistent, be 100% with your work, and be honest with your meal reports – you will not be punished for your mistakes, you will be guided. Have faith in yourself, it will be a learning curve, but you can do it, and Jed will lead you to victory.

Jon's TestimonialJon's Testimonial